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We have all been in a position that requires us to step outside our comfort zone and take on a challenge that we aren’t certain our skills and abilities are prepared to take on. While taking an exciting journey through stories of some of our favorite athletes, scholars, and world leaders, this book invites us to discover our own passion and leverage that to solve problems we face daily!

With the purchase of this book, you will also gain access to unique lessons that can be shared in your classroom and gain material that can assist with your day to day teachings! This is the first book of its kind that uses the power of virtual reality and I can’t wait to see how it is used with your students!

Interactive Coloring Page!

Exclusive to EMBRACE IT!, you will have the ability to download this page and render it in 3D with your students!

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Instant Motivation

Teaching is fun until a 7-year-old is assaulting you or you’re dodging furniture being thrown at you. When you mix the craziness of a classroom with a marriage that was about to implode, anyone might want to quit. Smiling on the outside while feeling dead on the inside took this dedicated teacher to the breaking point. Michael knew he must change what was inside him, in his approach to life, or nothing would change anywhere else.


Many agree teaching is an amazing profession but there’s little discussion why so many teachers are leaving the profession. Get Up or Give Up: How I Almost Gave Up on Teaching shines a light into the internal battles and decisions educators face daily, and how we must make a conscious decision either to give in—or push through.